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One of the best golf training devices we've used, the Para Golf LLC MAX Training Tee is a patent pending golf training device (tee) designed to improve the golf swing. This golf training tee can be utilized:


1) on the course (both by itself and held down by a stardard tee)

2) on the driving range

3) on indoor carpets

4) on golf training mats

5) indoor golf simulator surfaces


The MAX Training Tee can be used both with and without a golf ball. The MAX Training Tee is durable, long lasting, and made fully in the USA in Pensacola, Florida. 


For bulk orders please email!

The MAX Training Tee

  • This package contains ten (4) Para Golf LLC MAX Training Tees.

  • Product Dimensions:

    1.5" W
    1.5" D
    .75" H

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