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The Story.

Para Golf LLC was founded in 2022 by a group of Army veterans with the aim of improving the game of golf. We aspire to become the world leader in golf training tees with the goal of improving play for novice and experienced golfers.

Para Golf LLC was developed out of 12 year old Max's desire to obtain a better golf swing. Max was having difficulty making proper clubhead contact with the ball as he was thinning his shots during practice and play. Max had attended both First Tee and OP 36 programs but still struggled to achieve proper ball flight and distance. Practicing in the garage with foam balls, Max was becoming exceedingly frustrated. Since he could not use a traditional tee in the training mat, he thought up a design of a tee he could use. Using a 3D creation tool and printer, Max created The MAX Training Tee. 

Because of Max's innovation, we designed additional prototypes and created a full training program that assists new and existing golfers in improving their strike consistency. Max not only invented a revolutionary training tee, he also lowered his golf handicap by 15 strokes within 6 weeks.


Since golf is such a difficult sport to play, we decided to test out The MAX Training Tee and program with other players. Because the results were so overwhelmingly positive and repeatedly helped players improve their strikes, we decided to start Para Golf LLC to share this tool with golfers around the world.


The MAX Training Tee is extremely versatile; it can be used with a ball (foam or regular) and by itself, as well as on the course, at the range, and indoors on training mats. 

The MAX Training Tee is not only a revolutionary design, but it is also extremely durable, made fully in the USA, Veteran Owned, and Kid Invented. 

Train Better. Play Better.

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