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  • What makes this Training Tee different than other training devices?
    The training tee has so many practical uses, the training aspect of using the tee allows golfers to concentrate on the lowest part of their swing and how it improves overall ball striking. The tee aspect can be used repeatedly at the driving range. Finally I believe the training tee is perfect for new golfers on the course. Helps to establish low point control and affords more loft and distance than just hitting off of the ground.
  • Who is the Training Tee for?
    The Para Golf Training Tee is really for anyone looking to improve their ball contact on their swing. While designed for beginner to intermediate players, this tee is also an excellent option for skilled players who are wanting to hone in their drive swing.
  • Where is the Training Tee made?
    Para Golf, LLC is based in Pensacola, FL, and all the Training Tees are manufactured and packaged locally, using US sourced supplies.
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